National Donut Day IS JUNE 3, 2016!


As many of you know, last year we raised funds for a child in the community who needed surgery. This year we have chosen Julian Haney as our beneficiary. Julian is diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastomic Leukemia and is currently receiving treatments for his cancer. We are honored to assist his family by donating 100% of the proceeds from sales of his special donut (which he helped create!) to Julian's medical care.


Please plan to join us on Friday, June 3rd as we celebrate life, giving, and come together to help Julian.


IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT ORDERING JULIAN'S SPECIAL DONUTS: Last year we did run out of our special giving donuts. We are taking pre-orders (online only) and will accommodate everyone until we run out. We are also taking pre-orders for pickup on Wednesday June 1st and Thursday June 2nd. We are ONLY accepting online orders, no calls please. Click here to submit your order for Julian.


SPEAKING OF GIVING...did you know that everyone receives a FREE DONUT on National Donut Day? One more reason to come on over. We will have a DJ playing some music, and have lots of fun. Please come meet Julian too!


Read below to learn more about why National Donut Day was created, and you'll be able to see just why we have decided to make this day all about giving back!




National Donut Day was originated to honor the Salvation Army "Lassies" of WWI, the female volunteers who provided support (and donuts!) to the Soldiers on the front lines. (Read more about National Donut Day here!). This day is also used as a day of giving back to the community, or a needy cause. Bakers Dozen wants to give back!




Bakers Dozen has selected a young man in the community named Connor to give back to. Connor will be creating his own special donut, and sales of his donut will all go to benefit his upcoming surgery needs!


In November 2015, Connor and his parents will travel to Santa Monica, CA to undergo reconstructice sugery for Microtia, a congenital condition in which the ear does not develop properly, and Ear Atresia, the absence or closure of the ear canal.

Due to the malformation of his ear and ear canal, Connor is moderately to profoundly hearing impaired and has worn a BAHA hearing device since the age of 8 months. After 7 years of routine appointments with his ENT, Neurolotogist and Audiologist, Connor is a candidate for a "big ear."  Connor and his parents will travel to California to pursue MedPor reconstructive surgery with Dr. Sheryl Lewin. The family will spend 2-3 weeks in California until they receive clearance to come home and continue Connor's recovery.

Pursuing Connor's "new ear" is the first step in moving forward with selecting the best option to fit him with a hearing aid that produces great results and is more appropriate for his age. Connor is very excited about the prospect of his "big ear" and is looking forward to the outcome. Friends and family of the Wilkens have created a fundraiser in Connor's name to cover a portion of the medical and travel expenses during our journey. For more information on Mictrotia and Atresia, visit


Bakers Dozen has asked Connor to help create and design his special donut (right). We are giving 100% of all sales of the Connor (shark) donuts to this cause. Please let us know if you would like to pre-order by the dozen, call us at 504-828-2811! These will be available all weekend,  June 5, 6 and 7th!

Thank you to our customers for supporting Julian!